How to sustain and prolong Endospheres Therapy effect

Smooth skin that feels so nice to the touch, a fit and tight body, slimness and lightness… After the Endospheres Therapy course you really get the body of your dreams; and you desperately want the effect to last as long as possible, don’t you? Well, that’s doable!
Our best experts have prepared 4 recommendations for those who want to preserve the effect of Endospheres Therapy.

1. Healthy diet and active lifestyle
It sounds rather banal, but it is necessary. To sustain the effect of the procedures, you need to get rid of the habits that cause an increase in body volume, such as overeating, consumption of sugar, bread, pastries and other fast-acting carbs as well as of the sedentary lifestyle.

2. Tesla Former procedures
A great way to keep your body and skin firm is to have the Tesla Former machine procedures. It stimulates muscle contractions with high-intensity magnetic impulses and helps achieve beautiful muscle definition and reduce the fat tissue volume. One 20-minute procedure equals a 5-hour gym workout; so, in addition to the Endospheres effect you get a fit body and smooth skin that last.

3. LED lamps
Light waves of various colours and lengths produce a therapeutic and cosmetic effect on the skin. LED lamps are effective on any part of the body including the face, belly, thighs, buttocks, and arms. Importantly, the LED therapy gives the best result as a complement to other procedures; that’s why we recommend our clients combine the LED and Endospheres Therapy courses. This helps keep the body fit for much longer.

4. Supporting procedures
It is recommended that you take the supporting Endospheres procedures 1-2 times a month after the completion of the course. This prevents fat tissue accumulation within the problem areas, stimulates metabolism, and creates a lymphatic drainage effect.
These 4 factors combined help sustain your dream body for as long as possible. If you have decided to experience Endospheres Therapy, make the effect last. The self-confidence, energy, health, and beauty that you gain are worth the effort, trust us.