Which issues does Endospheres Therapy address?

Endospheres Therapy is a non-invasive and the most effective and at the same time gentle way of reducing body volume, sculpting the body, and smoothing the skin.
Let’s have a closer look at the issues Endospheres addresses and why the machine delivers results even in cases where other methods fail.

Issue 1: slow metabolism
The Endospheres handpiece “kickstarts” metabolism and stimulates metabolic processes. As a result, even after the completion of the course, your body volume continues to decrease.

Issue 2: fluid retention
The procedures create a lymphatic drainage effect and remove tissue fluid which makes the result visible early on.

Issue 3: sagging skin and irregular texture, cellulite, problem areas
Endospheres Therapy is suitable for any area of the body including the face and inner thighs. These are the most problematic areas for most women. Machine procedures such as LPG and such are not suitable for these areas or do not produce the desired effect. Thanks to its compression properties, Endospheres does; besides, compression prevents sagging and improves the look of the skin.

Issue 4: varicosis at early and middle stages
The development of the Endospheres Therapy machine has been supervised by expert phlebologists. Unlike LPG, it does not stretch the skin but produces a compression effect instead, that is specifically indicated for prevention and therapy of varicosis and strengthening of vascular walls. In many cases, varicosis is an indication to use Endospheres Therapy, but, naturally, it is better to consult your physician and follow the recommendations of the experts at our salon.

Issue 5: muscle spasms
Endospheres relieves pain and spasms in muscles and support their tone; the procedures are beneficial for athletes and people involved in intensive physical activities.

Issue 6: stubborn centimetres and kilos
The Endospheres selective treatment of fat tissue helps eliminate the “bellies”, “love handles”, and “saddlebags” that remain unaffected by regular exercise and diet.

Issue 7: self-consciousness
Our inner state and self-esteem directly depend on the state of our body. When you enjoy what you see in the mirror, any achievement in business, career, or relationship becomes easier. Give yourself a body of your dreams, let yourself be beautiful, and enjoy this inner feeling; what will follow are the changes from within and success in all areas of life. You’ll see for yourself!