5 main questions about Endosphere Therapy

Everything you wanted to know about Endosphere Therapy, a modern machine method of reducing your body volume and fighting cellulite.

1. What is the difference between Endosphere Therapy and other methods and machines, such as LPG?

LPG is based on the vacuum-roller massage that affects the skin and tissues. After the treatment, the side effects might include bruising, swelling of the treated areas, shivering attacks and skin redness. Endosphere acts through compressive micro-vibration®. The impact of silicone spheres positioned in a honeycomb-like pattern is much gentler. There are no such aftereffects as bruises or soreness while the effect is visible immediately after the first procedure.

2. What helps reduce body volume and lose weight?

Endosphere increases muscle tone, helps normalize metabolism, improve blood circulation and tissue nutrition as well as remove water retention.

3. Is Endosphere Therapy suitable for all?

The machine is safe for men and women of any age. It is safe even for those suffering from varicose vein disorder (which is not the case for the majority of other machine procedures). Moreover, Endosphere helps strengthen the blood vessels and gives the feeling of lightness in the legs. The vibration frequency and rotation speed are set individually for each specific client and body part, and the operator thoroughly monitors the process. As a result, Endosphere Therapy has no contraindications; however, if you have any health issues or chronic conditions, you should consult your physician before starting the treatment.

4. Will there be any unpleasant sensations during the procedure? What should I expect?

The procedure is painless, and you only feel pleasant vibrations. To ensure better glide, the operator applies special hypoallergenic oil to the skin.

5. How many Endosphere sessions are needed for the effect to be visible and long-lasting?

You will feel and see the first changes immediately after the first procedure. We usually recommend Endosphere Therapy in courses of 6-18 procedures. The particular number depends on the state of your body and the result you aim to achieve. The effect lasts for about 6 months, but if you follow the recommendations about the lifestyle, exercise and diet, then you will be able to enjoy a fit body and slim figure for longer.