Why body wraps work

What’s better, to visit a beauty salon for a body wrap or just apply some cream or cosmetic mixture at home? To answer all the questions, let’s have a look at how body wraps work and how they affect the body.

During a body wrap, a mixture of active components is applied to the skin and the spot then is covered with a special film or thermal foil blanket (if the mixture is applied warm).

Thanks to this, the active components:
·       Reach deeper skin layers
·       Have more impact on tissues
·       Produce faster results, such as skin firming, cellulite destruction, slimming, and general improvement of skin and body condition.  
It is impossible to achieve a similar result by simply applying some cream as it will not be able to reach the deeper layers.

The second important aspect is the mixture used for wraps. The beauty expert selects the appropriate mixture depending on the problem areas, skin condition, and other procedures performed along with body wraps. The Smart Beauty Lab experts select the body wrap mixture individually for each client; different mixtures can be applied to different skin areas. We only work with premium materials, such as by Styx (Austria) and Ericson Laboratory (France).
As a result, a meticulously and individually selected mixture as well as the method of its “delivery” to deeper skin layers basically make body wraps an indispensable procedure. Are body wraps worth trying? Absolutely, especially in Cyprus, where you can dress lightly and wear a swimsuit most of the time.

There is more: not only body wraps produce an amazing aesthetic effect but it is also a very pleasant procedure! Hundreds of our clients would readily vouch for this.
To book an appointment for a Styx and Ericson Laboratory body wrap procedure at the top beauty salon in Cyprus, just give us a call or fill out a booking form on the website.