Tesla Former vs workouts: what’s more efficient?

Is there any difference between sculpting your body with Tesla Former and in the gym? Because they seem to employ the same principle: muscles contract, develop, and get more defined…
That is correct, but the devil is in the details.

How does Tesla Former operate? 

Tesla Former directly affects the muscles and your brain doesn’t have to send respective signals to the body, therefore:

·        Muscle contraction is 100% and not the 40-50% that normal workouts provide. Which means a much more intensive load within the same period of time.
·        Muscle contraction lasts longer than during a normal workout, and muscle definition takes less time.
·        The action can be targeted on particular muscles, the ones that require special attention.
·        Most importantly, there is simply not a chance for you to exercise the wrong way. Therefore, every muscle movement is beneficial.

30 minutes with Tesla Former provides 50,000 muscle contractions which equals several hours of normal workout. And this is not just a promo message; as you can see, everything is logically explained.

Is Tesla Former a substitute for normal workouts?

So, does it mean there is no need to sweat it out in the gym and you only need Tesla Former to get the body of your dreams?

If you’ve got no time for sports, then Tesla Former is an ideal solution to keep fit and have a beautiful, well-defined body. But you shouldn’t set the machine against fitness and sports!

Together, they are even more effective because you complement your workout routine with Tesla Former.

Which muscles are best affected by Tesla Former?

The machine operates on a 360-degree principle and so allows to target muscles all over the body, such as:
·        Glutes
·        Hamstrings
·        Calf muscles
·        Biceps
·        Triceps
·        Back
·        Pelvic floor muscles
·        Abdominals

That’s everything you need for a perfect figure!

Main secret of Tesla Former’s efficiency.

Now, here’s the main secret: for the machine to produce the best results specifically for you, it is important for you to be assisted by an expert operator.

Professionally selected loads, targeted muscle groups, progress monitoring and programme adjustments as well as your comfort during the session are all the responsibility of the operator.

For this reason, we pay much attention to our employees’ qualifications and only work with appraised professionals. Visit Smart Beauty Lab to appreciate the Tesla Former benefits in full!

We will take care that you get the best result in comfort!