Why the whole world is in love with the body sculpting machine procedures: key advantages compared to sports, manual massage, and plastic surgery

Body sculpting machine procedures have long evolved from something exotic to “the gold standard” of the beauty industry. The world is literally in love with this type of body sculpting. So, what’s the secret?
Three words only:
·        Effectiveness
·        Speed
·        Safety
Sports, undoubtedly, help increase muscle mass, eliminate fat tissues, make the body fit, and generally improve well-being. However, they are next to useless for any skin problems: the “orange peel” and laxity remain regardless of how many miles you can run. For Cyprus, with its hot climate, machine procedures are very well-suited. In summer, any open-air physical activity may be simply dangerous.
Manual massage works on subcutaneous fat, skin, and muscles; it defines the body and fights skin problems. A massage therapist may apply various techniques, but… it will take time for the effect to become visible. Sculpting machine procedures are aimed at deeper tissue layers; therefore, the sessions are shorter and the result is achieved faster. For example, during the Endospheres Therapy machine procedures, which are in high demand with our clients in Cyprus, the machine creates micro-vibrations and produces a lymphatic effect twice as strong as manual massage.
Plastic surgery is a radical way of body sculpting. Any excesses disappear in one go, but the recovery after liposuction takes time and is difficult and often painful. It’s a serious intervention that does not go unnoticed healthwise.  
Moreover, liposuction does not eliminate skin laxity; on the contrary, it becomes even more visible. And what about maintaining the new shape? Muscles are not used to working out, metabolism hasn’t changed, whereas the surgically removed fat tissue can quickly reappear.
Non-invasive body sculpting machine procedures:
·       Do not have as many contraindications as plastic surgery
·   Do not require any “recovery” since they do no damage
·   Visibly improve skin condition
·   Help eliminate excessive body volume and maintain the result
·       Easily combine with sports, active lifestyle, and manual massage strengthening their effect

How do you not fall in love with this method of body sculpting?! The world is crazy about machine procedures and we, as experts, can say: it is for a reason. The Smart Beauty Lab salon has pioneered Endospheres Therapy in Cyprus, and we observe the outcomes of the procedures on our clients on a daily basis. Visit us to see for yourself, and try out this effective, fast, and safe way of getting the body of your dreams.