Endospheres Therapy Body Sculpting
There is no alternative to Endospheres Therapy technology in the whole world!
It is a modern non-invasive technology for ideal body sculpting. The machine creates micro-vibrations that affect tissues, destroying cellulite and smoothing and lifting the skin. Such lymphatic drainage massage is twice as efficient and fast as a regular one.
Would you like to have a slim body, reduce your waistline, and forget what cellulite is? Then Endospheres Therapy is what you need!
Perfect body contours
Fit body
Muscle tone and pleasant feeling of lightness in your legs
Improved microcirculation
Slimmer body
How to quickly develop muscles and sculpt your body without exercising, or to enhance the effect of your workouts? There’s only one answer to these: Tesla Former.
Tesla Former
The machine directly affects the muscles thanks to HI FMS, or High-Intensity Functional Magnetic Stimulation. The machine’s signal fully contracts the muscles in comparison to only 40% contraction during a workout. As a result, the muscle tension is maximum but gentle.
Tesla Former is an easy way to get in shape even for those who have got no extra time for physical activities. One procedure produces the result similar to that of up to 5 hours of exercise.
Well-developed and defined glutes, abdominals, hamstrings and calf muscles, biceps and triceps, upper, mid, and low back muscles
Visible reduction of abdominal fat, even on the most “stubborn” bellies
Increased muscle density
Healthy posture
Improved metabolism
Improved pelvic floor muscle fitness
Beautiful body and excellent health
How can you know which exercise and procedures are the most efficient for you? With the help of the Styku 3D body scanner. It is a unique body scanner that quickly creates a detailed digital model of your body. We visualize everything, including your weight, measurements, body mass index, etc. With this data we then develop a programme of improvements and procedures for you to become even more beautiful.
Styku 3D Body Scanner
Along the way, the Styku 3D body scanner helps monitor the effects and dynamics of the positive changes.
Objective evaluation of your physical health
Efficient personalized programme of improvements and procedures
Easy progress monitoring
Styx Body Wraps (Austria)
What’s next? Be ready for some amazing sensations, from coolness to pleasant warmth going deep into your body. While you are relaxing, your body and skin are becoming more perfect.
How does this work? Professional mixtures containing essential oils are applied to the skin; the body is then wrapped with bandages soaked with special lotions. The mixtures and lotions are carefully selected to provide the maximum effect specifically for you.
Styx anti-cellulite wellness body wraps help fight excess weight and cellulite and give you a beautiful body and inner harmony.
Improved microcirculation
Blood vessel strengthening
Metabolism stimulation
Swelling prevention
Improved skin tonicity
Elimination of rosacea and “orange peel” skin
These body wraps based on the Ericson Laboratory formulations eliminate cellulite, destroy fat cell junctions, and smooth the skin safely and gently. The procedure is 100% safe and pleasant.
Ericson Laboratory Body Wraps (France)
The Ericson Laboratory cosmetic products containing targeted active biocomplexes are carefully selected to ensure a fast maximum long-lasting effect, specifically for you.
Smoother skin
Fat tissue reduction
Cellulite elimination
Improved muscle tone and elimination of leg swelling
Feeling of lightness
Long-lasting effect
We use the latest machines and professional cosmetics to ensure the best result for you.
AquaDerm Face Care, Klapp
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Reduction of wrinkles
Deep nourishing and moisturizing
Improved skin tonicity
Reduction of acne and post-acne marks
Elimination of any visual skin imperfections and enrichment of skin with vitamins and vitality
Light therapy that transforms the skin. A game changer in the beauty industry!
LED Lamp
Light of different colours and wavelengths creates an amazing therapeutic and cosmetic effect. At Smart Beauty Lab, we use LED lamps in addition to exclusive skin procedures.
Elimination of fine wrinkles and signs of skin dehydration
Visible reduction of wrinkles, even deep ones
Pore contraction
Reduction of reddening, couperose and rosacea
Acne treatment
Improved blood circulation
Improved skin texture and appearance
Skin looking tight and fresh
Super effects of other cosmetic procedures
How to quickly get in shape and keep on losing weight for the next several months with no apparent effort? With cryolipolysis! It is a modern, non-invasive, and fully natural fat reduction procedure. Affected by cold temperature, fat deposits in problem areas are deprived of energy and destroyed. As a result of this non-invasive and non-traumatic procedure, fat reduction is painless. And you keep losing weight for 2-3 months afterwards.
Fat tissue reduced by 20-40% in the areas that do not respond to diet and exercise
Firm skin with no cellulite
Long-lasting effect of up to 2-3 months; even longer if supported with massages!
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